Heritage of Dodec

Session 7
*Sinking Feeling, Sinking Ship*

En route to Kelvec’s home warren, we were intercepted by an enemy vessel. Thanks to a great tactical advantage, we were able to defeat the foes, even though we suffered heavy casualties among the crew, to i hold myself completely accountable.

After the battle, we encountered a chase between a ship of Kobolds and a ship of Dragonborn, with the latter as the chaser. The Dragonborn ship bore the mark of Vethtibercrix, but we were unsure as to who was the “good guy” and who was the “bad guy” so we decided to attempt to stop both ships and get a better idea of what was going on.

I ended many lives today…

May Melora forgive me.

—Toma Elepaio

Session 6
3 families

From the Diary of Kelvec Chickenthief

When our party activated the teleportation circle in the library of Kincep manor, we found ourselves in an ancient cave that was, judging by the intolerable cold, somewhere in the edge lands, though if it was the edge of the Navarrian face I have no way of knowing. We immediately discovered a very old Dragon skeleton, whom we assumed to be Vethtibercrix, my ancestor of perhaps millenia past. We found a family tree here as well that had dear ‘ol Vethy at the bottom, which shows that this ancestral key to the dark god’s prison has been handed down for a very long time.

While exploring the cave, we found a room that contained a old construct who was VERY RUDE. He failed to recognize both my ancestral right to this place and mastery of artifice construction. he even destroyed my flame heart defender, resulting in an explosion that was somewhat bigger than anticipated. I checked my notes, and apparently it was supposed to explode like that. Sometimes I am so brilliant even I don’t know what my inventions will do. With some help drom my friends I defeated him quite handily, and we moved on. I looted something glowy!

In addition to the annoying constructs, we found two more family tress which we suspect may be the other genetic lineages that those wretched gnomes are trying to kill or capture. One appeared to be largely draconic, while the other seemed to consist of half-elves. Each tree had its own set of teleport runes on it, and our Deva friend indicate that one of them might lead to the former lair of a lick! I should peruse my books to find anything that can help us “lick” him should he still be hanging around. We also found a tribe of kobolds, whose brains had been numbed by the cold to the point where they believed that Mr. Rude Construct was there god. I wanted to show them that it was just a construct, but I wanted to save my construction materials. Toma told them there God was dead, and they ran away.

Speaking of running kobolds, upon our return to the manor I suggested that we make tracks to my tribe’s home cave because a) We need to run and hide as gnomish forces are aware of home base and b) my family is a target for those thrice accursed gnomes! They agreed, and we hired a ship, but found ourselves being chased by another vessel. I constructed a bomb, which Thala (what a Goliath! If only she had scales…) attached to the side. Another brilliant plan that went off with only several hitches! Their boat is now sinking, and the enemy is getting ready to board. After I’m (and the rest of the party of course) is finished with them, they’ll wish they had drowned.

I did not find delicious grubs anywhere, but the weather continues fair.

Session 5
To the Edgelands
Session 4
Gnome Captured; Gnolls dead
Things People Missed:
  • Thala: Evil Eye Fetish
  • Thala: Blade Opportunist?
  • Crael: Salve of Power is dailies of 5th level and below only.
  • Crael: Totemic Spear?
  • Kelvec: That class feature of yours that gives your allies temporary HP when they activate a magic item daily power.
Loot Found (Partial List so far):
  • Magic item, level 12: Assault Boots: AV 125
  • Magic item, level 11: Circlet of Mental Onslaught: AV 139
Session 3: Slain Sharn and Guildmaster Pursuit

Here I would like those who were present to sum up the events of the second session (September 24th). It’s a wiki!

Session 2: The Haunting of Kincep Mansion

Here I would like those who were present to sum up the events of the second session (September 24th). It’s a wiki!

Session 1: Last Will and Testament

Here I would like those who were present to sum up the events of the first session (September 17th). To make an edit, just click the icon next to the title that looks like a pencil writing on a piece of paper. It’s a wiki!

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