Character Creation

We will be starting at level 9. It was just pointed out to me that I never explicitly said this. You are seasoned adventurers, who have likely saved the day multiple times.

By default, anything goes, with rare exception. If we find that it’s broken, we’ll fix it. One thing I request is that whatever you pick, there is a hard, printed copy of the full rules text at session that you can hand me at a moment’s notice. For powers, this is easy; I will make you a power card anyway. For feats and the like, this could be having the book, printing out the relevant page, or putting it all together on one sheet of paper and printing it out.

Steps 1, 2 and 3 should probably done in concert with each other. And step 6 should definitely be done in concert with step 3. It’s all a big tapestry, really; this is the loose order presented in the PHB, don’t be afraid to backtrack as desired.

  1. Tie your character in with 2 other members of the party. This gives the group cohesiveness, some degree of past history, and a web of reasons to stick together in the future. This can be anything from having gone adventuring together before, to being related, to a rivalry, or being from the same hometown, school, or other organization.
    • Consider Background benefits. These appear in the Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide, the Eberron Player’s Guide, Player’s Handbook II, and some issues of Dragon Magazine. If you give me a few point form lines of character history incorporating the background, you can gain the benefit on approval of the background. I will do my best to be flexible, and I don’t forsee any serious problems. Each character is limited to two such benefits. They give benefits such as +2 to a certain skill, adding a skill to your class list, small energy resistances, or some other similar benefit. They’re great if, for example, a particular skill would be great for fitting your concept, but your class doesn’t grant it.
  2. Pick your race. Any race goes, including those from Dragon magazine, but if it is from the back of a Monster Manual, check with me first. Tapp already has approval for a Kobold. Without going into Monster Manuals, there are 23 such races. Due to the plotlines I want to run, Kobolds, Dragonborn, and Devas are encouraged. Especially Devas. I could really use a Deva in the party.
  3. Pick your class. Any class goes, including playtest classes from Dragon magazine, but see below. Not counting playtest classes, there are 18 classes. Due to the plotlines I want to run, characters of the Divine and Primal power sources will have inherent motivations.
  4. Determine your ability scores. Ability scores are generated by point buy from P.17 of the PHB. An example of a legal ability score array would be 16, 14, 14, 12, 11, 8 (before racial modifiers). Make sure you apply your racial modifiers after doing the point buy.
    • Then, because you are above level 4, increase two different ability scores by 1 (you can’t take both increases in the same score).
    • Then, because you are above level 8, increase two different ability scores by 1 (you can’t take both increases in the same score). They can be the same ones as you increased at level 4.
  5. Choose your skills.
  6. Choose your feats. You have 5 heroic tier feats (which you gained at levels 1, 2, 4, 6 and 8, in case it matters for ability score prerequisites). You cannot choose Implement Expertise or Weapon Expertise, both from the PHBII.
  7. Choose your powers. Here is the list of powers you should have, not including those granted by your race/class features/feats:
    • At-Will:
    • At-Will:
    • Encounter 1:
    • Daily 1:
    • Utility 2:
    • Encounter 3:
    • Daily 5:
    • Utility 6:
    • Encounter 7:
    • Daily 9:
  8. Choose your equipment. Fill each of these slots:
    • Level 10 magic item
    • Level 9 magic item
    • Level 8 magic item
    • 3400 gp to spend as you will, including on more magic items. If you wish, you can spend all 3400 on a single item.
    • Free mundane gear as desired, within reason. Don’t bother adding up every copper piece for your bedroll and arrows. Actually, for mundane ammunition, you have as much as you will ever need; don’t bother tracking it, it only adds bookkeeping. Note that I said ‘within reason’; if you want to start with a ship or 15000 quarterstaves, it comes out of the 3400 gp.
    • NOTE: You should probably start with a magic weapon or implement, a magic suit of armor, and a magic neck-slot item.
  9. Crunch the numbers and upload the character. I will make you power cards and magic item cards.

Caveat for everything: If it is updated, either through Wizards of the Coast errata or in the case of playtest classes, the full version being released, we will switch to the new version.

Magic Item Wish Lists:

Here are your options:

  1. You don’t give me a magic item wish list. Thus, when I’m picking magic items for you, the first one I see that you can use that is of the proper level and body slot is the one I put out.
  2. You give me a magic item wish list. Ideally, this will have 2 or 3 magic items at each level higher than yours, in a variety of body slots. Thus, you get items you want.

Character Creation

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