Describe the character you’d like to play here. If you’re having trouble picking among multiple concepts, feel free to post a few. This page can also help you decide what you want to do, by seeing what the other players are going for, so you can get those 2 tie-ins I’m asking for.

If you are changing your character’s powers or magic items, please email me to make sure I see the change and can have your power/magic item cards ready for you.

Note: Characters are in order by “marching order”, from the frontliners to the backliners. Anytime there is a list of characters, the below is the order I like it in, since that’s the one I use in my notes.

Thala Boughwalker (Irena)
  • Hailing from the land of rock, thunder and rain, Thala’s tribe found their homes in the rain-trodden mountain tops. After a particularly violent storm, their lands were destroyed. Determined to protect her tribe, Thala traveled down from the mountain’s peaks to find a new, lush land for her people. In her travels, she made a deal with the earth spirits, to protect her tribe and in exchange, she would become their champion and the protect of the earth.
Nolan (Kevin)
  • An efficient, death-dealing elf who has appeared seemingly from nowhere and decimated the enemies facing the party at the time. His intense focus and various pronouncements about death are a little worrying as his intentions are currently unknown.
Toma Elepaio (Dave)
  • The wandering hero Toma Elepaio is a newcomer to this particular face after being banished from his home face by a demigod as part of a deal that saved the people of a small island. Charismatic, friendly, and never turns his back on someone in need.
Crael (Daniel)
  • Support shaman – healing, buffing, skill monkey!

Cah’ryn (Ray) *


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