Design Principles

This world is my world

This world is your world

I cannot create this world on my own. I am drawing heavily from books I’ve read, be they fantasy, history, university, or D&D. Almost everything is me taking the things I like from these sources and putting them together. I don’t have many ideas on where to put Shifters, Changelings, Kalashtar, Drow, or even Halflings, to name a few. If you have one, great! This is a wiki! Add it! Then tell me. I’ll read it. Knowing you guys, I’ll probably say ‘great!’, and then it’s canon. Now I even have more to work with; this is a great way to get yourself personal plot.

What I’m going for here:
  • This is largely the 4E ‘default’ campaign setting. It uses that cosmology, those gods, demon princes, races, and monsters. The main difference is Dodec; it’s a 12-sided world, and it’s not easy for most people to travel from one Face to another. At this point, I really only have designs on 1 of the Faces. That leaves 11 Faces for you to make things in.

Design Principles

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