Dodec is the central plane of the campaign cosmology, inspired (read: lifted from) Dave Duncan’s novels Children of Chaos and Mother of Lies. In 3E, it would have been called the Material Plane. It is where all the natural creatures of the world live. There are, however, some important differences between Dodec and the traditional Material Plane.

  • Dodec is in the shape of a dodecahedron, like a d12.
  • One side of the d12 is called a Face.
  • The border between two Faces is called an Edge.
  • No one goes to the corners of the d12, though I suppose if they did, they would be called Vertices (Vertex singular).
Some Faces are dominated by a single nation; others have multiple nations. In the center of each Face is a great, slightly domed Ocean; the water runs in rivers down from the mountains at the Edge.

The Edgelands are bitterly cold, and the air is thinner. Crossings generally require great preparation and are done only in summer. I think Goliaths dwell in or near the Edgelands, and crossings are generally done with Goliath guides. Many an empire has spanned multiple Faces, establishing paths and shelters across an Edge; many ruins lie along these paths.

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