Editing Principles

Remember: There is no history of edits on this forum. If you delete something, it is gone for good.

It is not hard to create a New Wiki Page, just put it in double square brackets. Look, I just made one. So if I, say, wanted to create a Backup of Editing Principles July 29th 2009 page, it’s just that easy.

Then I could even copy and paste this entire page onto the backup page before I make edits that remove a lot of content, or make serious revisions.

This way, when Robert comes by and sees your edit, if he thinks its great, he can just delete the Backup page.

This isn’t to say you need to make a Backup page every time you make an edit, just that if you’re going to remove or change a large amount of content without checking with me, or whoever put it there, it might be best to back it up first.

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