Q. What happened to the forum?

A. Robert found out it requires a premium account.

Q. So where do we ask our questions?

A. Right here! Just make an edit.

Q. Can I answer a question?

A. Sure, if you know the answer.

Q. How big is Dodec? Is it similar to Earth in size? Or is it smaller so that it can be more easily traversed by horse? I’d like to know so I can start drawing some maps and stuff. —Dave

A. I’m thinking it would take 20 days on foot from one Edge to the opposite Vertex, so 500 miles, plus a bit for having to go around the Ocean, on Faces that have them (which is most). However, rivers flow from the Edge towards the Ocean, so half of that trip can be on a boat going downstream. If that boat has enough crew to sail for 24 hours a day instead of 10, it can travel from where the river starts to the edge of the Ocean in a week or so. I know this isn’t perfectly coherent right now; I’m away from the books I’m drawing inspiration from, and so can’t check how they do it.

Q. Now that we have loads of money, how do we go about making magic items for the party? Is there some kind of discount for us making them ourselves? Is it just assuming that Tapp makes them for us providing we pay the money/experience?


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