When listing a power, feat, magic item, or whatever, it’s helpful to include a reference to where it is so it can be found more easily. This can be done quite easily; below is a list of abbreviations for books. Add a parenthetical note in the format (ABCD 123), where ABCD is the abbreviation below, and 123 is the page number. So a magic item on page 73 of the Adventurer’s Vault would be (AV 73).

If a reference is absent, it can still be looked up on the D&D Compendium although this takes longer, as unless you are a subscriber, the Compendium will only tell you what book it is in, and then expect you to go look it up.

  • AP: Arcane Power
  • AV: Adventurer’s Vault
  • DD: Dungeon Delve
  • DMG: Dungeon Master’s Guide
  • DP: Divine Power
  • EPG: Eberron Player’s Guide
  • FRCG: Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide
  • FRPG: Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide
  • MM: Monster Manual
  • MMII: Monster Manual II
  • MotP: Manual of the Planes
  • MP: Martial Power
  • OG: Open Grave
  • PHB: Player’s Handbook
  • PHBII: Player’s Handbook II

Looking for suggestions for:

  • Draconomicon
  • Dragon Magazine (Needs to incorporate issue number). Considering DRM.
  • Dungeon Magazine (Needs to incorporate issue number). Considering DUM.


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