The Evershine Face

The Evershine Face of Dodec is so named because instead of an Ocean at it’s center, it has a concave bowl where the ocean used to be. This concave bowl is covered in salt crystals of unusual size and purity, and reflect the light back into the eyes of all who try to cross where the Ocean (nearly the size of the entire face) once lay. At the center of the bowl, there is a large chasm through which the water drained away. No one knows where the chasm leads, though theories range from some who think it is a whole into the underworld of Dodec, to those who think it may be a magic vortex that could lead into the Shadowfel, Astral Sea, or even the Far Realm. No one who has gone in has returned, though the vortex has been to vomit up monsters of all descriptions.

Those who venture into the bowl do so to try to loot the ruins of underground dwarven strongholds that were original built underground. These are the remains of an ancient Dwarf empire, who possessed many secrets of magic of artifice. Apparently too many, as they were the ones who ruined Evershine. These abandoned halls and wrecks (here and there lie the corpses of cities that once floated above the waves) teem not only with the monsters brought forth from the chasm and bands of monstrous humanoids (including the dwarven empire’s dengenerate ancestors), but also with deluded packs of insane warforged.

Most of the life and civilization in Evershine can be found along the rivers that flow from the mountains on the edge to the chasm at the face’s centre. These rivers, seen from overhead, look like ribbons of green cutting across the tan waists. The villages and farms near rivers consist mostly of Gnomes, Halflings, and other river folks. Taller humanoids are quite rare, though some isolated enclaves can be found in the more fertile regions. For the most part, taller creatures eat too much to thrive in Evershine’s sparse ecosystem.

There is one major city in Evershine, built in the ruins of a floating city that happened to crash near a river. Unfortunately, it is completely occupied by Rakasha.

The Evershine Face

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