The Navarian Face

Until a few generations ago, the Navarian Face was shattered and rife with conflict. The city-dwelling races, Humans were pressed up against the mountains at the Edges; many took refuge with the Dwarves. Elves and other wild folk survived in small bands, hiding in the jungles south of the Ocean. Halflings and kobolds lived on the rivers, ready to be borne away from danger by the swift currents. Between the two groups stood tribes of orcs, gnolls, and savage creatures of too many types to count. Some communities of the noble races survived in these lands, but they were brutally subjugated, and in some cases, enslaved outright. Had these tribes ever been unified, they could have easily conquered the entire Face.

This lasted until a silver dragonborn named Valos came over the Edge from the Carusian Face, arriving with a hundred warriors. It is said that their supplies were carried by great mammoths, and that the Goliaths of the Edgelands aided them in their coming, and for a short time afterward. It is also believed that he lost far more than a hundred warriors in the crossing.

As he won battles against the tribes, and his reputation grew, more and more folk came to aid him. A lost veteran could be replaced with a fresh recruit. Knowledge of the land and his enemies was volunteered. A community extorted by an orcish chieftan one day would lead him into an ambush the next.

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