Level Up

Level 14

It is recommended that you do the following steps in the order they are listed.

  1. Ability Scores: At 14th level, you increase two ability scores by 1 (you can’t take both increases in the same score). If you increase an ability score to an even number, your ability modifier goes up, and that change affects powers, skills, and defenses that rely on that ability score. Make a note of that fact, but don’t change any numbers until you’ve gone through all these steps, since your other decisions might change them again.
  2. Level Modifier: Your new level is an even number, so everything that’s based on one-half your level becomes better — your attacks, defenses, initiative, skill checks, and ability checks. In combination with any increased ability modifiers, you now have the information you need to increase those numbers. Go through your character sheet and note those increases.
  3. Hit Points: Check your class description to see how many hit points you gain with your new level. Add those to your total.
    • When you check your class description for hit points, also check your class features to see if any of your powers or other abilities improve with level. For example, the Shaman’s Healing Spirit class feature improves at 6th, 11th, 16th, 21st, and 16th levels.
  4. Feat: You gain one feat. This can be either a Paragon tier or Heroic tier feat.
  5. Retrain: If desired, you may retrain one skill or one power or one feat.
    • If you retrain a feat, you can trade a Heroic tier feat for a Paragon tier feat. Keep in mind that if you retrain a power, you must trade it for a power of the same level or lower.
  6. Feat-Check: You should now have 9 feats, not counting any bonus feats you get for your race or class. No more than 7 of those feats should be Paragon tier feats.
  7. Wiki: Put your changes on the wiki. If you are retraining, make sure that it is clear what you are trading out and what you are trading in, as well as the book & page reference.

Keep in mind that the only decisions I need for Saturday are what feat you are taking, and what retrain you are making, if any.

Level Up

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