Toma Elepaio

Player: Dave Andrews


Name: Toma Ricardo Elepaio Titles: Koa Kaua Kaimana, Nui Kalai Wa’a Age: 24 Level: 12 Height: 5’10” Weight: 150 Pounds Race: Human Racial Powers: Bonus feat, skill and level 1 at-will exploit Class: Rogue Paragon Path: Flying-Blade Adept Power Source: Martial

  • AC: 25
  • Fortitude: 20
  • Reflexes: 25
  • Will: 22
  • Hitpoints: 81
  • Bloodied: 40
  • Healing Surge: 20
  • Healing Surges per Day: 8
  • Str: 11
  • Con: 14
  • Dex: 21
  • Int: 9
  • Wis: 11
  • Cha: 19
  • Rogue Weapon Talent
  • First Strike
  • Rogue Tactics
  • Sneak Attack


  • Dead Eye Blade
  • Flying Blade Action

  • Backstabber (PHB): The extra damage dice from your Sneak Attack class feature increase from d6s to d8s.
  • Quickdraw (PHB): You can draw a weapon (or an object stored in a belt pouch, bandolier, or similar container, such as a potion) as part of the same action used to attack with the weapon or use the object. You also gain a +2 feat bonus to initiative checks (included on character sheet).
  • Far Throw (PHB): When you use a thrown weapon such as a dagger or a javelin, increase both the normal range and the long range by 2 squares.
  • Distant Advantage (PHBII): You gain combat advantage for ranged or area attacks against any enemy flanked by your allies.
  • Action Surge (PHB): +3 on any attacks gained by spending an action point. RETRAINED
  • Slaying Action (PHB?): Deal sneak attack damage on an attack using an action point, even if you’ve already used it this turn
  • Weapon Focus (PHB): Select a weapon group, and gain +1 to damage rolls while using weapons from that group.
  • Bleeding Backstab (MP 140): Hits with sneak attacks do an additional 5 ongoing damage
  • Reserve Maneuver (PHB2 191): Choose an encounter attack power from your class. The power must be your level or lower and one that you don’t already have. When you regain the use of your powers at the end of any rest, you can gain the use of the chosen power instead of regaining the use of an encounter attack power of the same level or higher. POWER: Positioning Strike (PHB 118)
  • Acrobatics 16
  • Athletics 13 (+2 from background)
  • Bluff 15
  • Diplomacy 17 (+2 from background)
  • Intimidate 15
  • Stealth 16
  • Thievery 16
POWERS from Players Handbook unless noted
  • Sly Flourish
  • Deft Strike
  • Disheartening Strike (MP)
  • King’s Castle
  • Trick Strike
  • Master of Deceit
  • Trickster’s Blade
  • Walking Wounded
  • Ignoble Escape
  • From the Shadows (MP)
  • Rogue’s Recovery (MP)
  • Combat Tumbleset (MP, 79)
  • Ricochet Blade (MP 92)
  • Nimble Deflection (MP 92)
  • Footpad’s Friend Shuriken + 2 (AV)
  • Survivor’s Leather Armour + 2 (AV)
  • Bracers of Bold Maneuvering (AV)
  • Cape of the Mountebank +1 (AV)
  • Circlet of Second Chances (AV)
  • Assault Boots – won from that big gnoll


Toma was born on Pindrop Island, a small island on the Millesian Face, to a native mother and a Bougainois explorer father who liked Pindrop so much that he abandoned his expedition and made his home on the island. Life on Pindrop was simple and pastoral, with the young Toma learning many of the skills that would benefit him as an adventurer, such as climbing coconut trees, spear-fishing, and technique with the traditional island fighting styles of pahi and lupahi (dagger and shuriken). Pindrop had abundant natural resources, such as fish, coconuts, birds and (not that the locals noticed or cared) diamonds.

Then the ships came. This happened when Toma was 6. At first, the men from the ships offered metal goods for what the islanders thought were worthless rocks, strewn about on the central hill. The appetite of the men grew, and it was made known to the islanders that they came from Bougaine, a “powerful” empire and that Pindrop was now theirs. Local chiefs were coerced into ceding power, and a giant diamond mine was built in the central hill. This arrangement lasted until Toma was 15 when a new governor was sent to the island to replace the chief, who had died without leaving an heir. The new governor cared not for the people of Pindrop, only for the diamonds, and pressed those who were able into slavery. Toma’s first major act of heroism was saving number of his comrades from a cave in, only to be placed in confinement by the pit boss for his “role” in the loss of the excavation chamber. While in confinement he drafted a plan, used his stealth abilities to escape the confinement, and slowly implemented the plan to oust the governor from power, and return control to the people of Pindrop. After a successful rebellion, and setting the governor and his cronies out to sea on a small raft the people of Pindrop collapsed the mine, and gave Loma the title of Koa Kaua Kaimana, or “Hero of the Diamond War”.

Two years later trading with outsiders still continued, and smaller private mines had been started by islanders. That is when the people of Pindrop noticed the sea was rising. The mining of the island had removed much of its centre and the island was slowly imploding. Conveniently, this is when the governor and his ships came back, looking for revenge. The people turned to Loma, the island sinking and an army off the coast. Toma sprung into action, riding a massive undersea current to the Zartan Sea, and convincing one of the giant turtles to bear his people on his back. He returned to Pindrop with the Zartan and escaped with them back to the Zartan Sea, and for this he was given the title of Nui Kalai Wa’a: “Great Canoe Builder”. The people then asked the Great Kraken to knock Pindrop into the ocean and take the Bougainois ships with them so that they could live in peace. The Great Kraken created a whirlpool that sucked in the island, and the Bougaine Army’s ships. The whirlpool also sucked in Toma, since the Great Kraken always takes something in return. The whirlpool connected him to the Undersea Current, which whisked Toma away to another face of Dodec.

Washed up on the shore of a river delta, Toma was rescued by the Kobold tinker Kelvec Chickenthief who kept Toma as a curiosity until Toma regained consciousness 3 weeks later and “renegotiated” their arrangement. The two became travelling partners, and Toma learned much about this new face from Kelvec. Toma’s penchant for do-goodery has led him into a few sticky situations, but his other penchant just happens to be for getting out of sticky situations, so he has become something of a folk hero on this new face, but not quite to the extent he was back with his people, who wait for him still on the back of the Zartan.

Dave’s Reply: for my benefits, i have chosen bonuses to Athletics and Diplomacy.

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Toma Elepaio

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